Young Kenyan designer launches global fashion brand

dddddddddddddddFire and Ice is the name of the collection and what it brought to Nairobi was a fresh breath of air.

The collection by Sarakaray is a bold, exquisite, out of the box, high end clothing line based in Nairobi, Kenya which aims to become a global brand. Sarah Mugambi, a 22 year old fourth year student, studying international business administration at USIU is the head designer behind the brand.

Her designs are well tailored to fit and compliment every size. On Saturday, with the support of her family, she unveiled her latest collection of fabulous outfits for ladies and gentlemen at the Laico Regency Hotel.

On the runway, she chose striking models of different sizes and backgrounds to bring her creations to life.

She has represented the country in international fashion events in Singapore and New York.

On July 29, Sarah will be leaving for a seven-state tour of the United States accompanied by two Kenyan models where she hopes to position the Kenya youth in International Fashion which has for a long time been dominated by the older people.

Her designs which are created by a team of four at her shop on Biashara Street in Nairobi’s Central Business District range in price from Sh3500 to Sh12000.

She has designed for numerous celebrities but her biggest break came when she was commissioned to design the glamorous look for the Safaricom Choir.

Designer Sarah Mugambi, a 22 year old fourth year student

Designer Sarah Mugambi, a 22 year old fourth year student

She is one designer who stands out from the rest in the quality of her finish and the boldness of her designs. She experiments with fabrics, colour , symmetry and finishes to create a collection that is unified in its diversity.

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