Woman hacks mother-in-law to death over porridge in Maarani, Kisii County

porridgeA  disagreement over a cup of porridge on Tuesday claimed the life of a 60-year-old woman in Maarani district, Kisii County.

Witnesses told the Daily Nation that the assailant, Ms Truphena Kwamboka, 25, hacked her mother-in-law, Clemencia Kwamboka, to death with a sharp panga in a bizarre incident that has left residents in shock.

The two are said to have returned home after a long day in the farm and found a cup of porridge in their kitchen.

Witnesses said Ms Truphena suggested that the cup of porridge be given to her child, but her mother-in-law disagreed, arguing that her child deserved it more.

An argument ensued, but the older Kwamboka carried the day and her child drank the porridge.

According to Mr Tom Mogaka, a son of the deceased, the move infuriated Ms Truphena, who insisted that her child should have been given the porridge because she was younger.


“The two, who were living in the same house, had never had a serious argument before. They were in fact good friends and it is surprising that this had to happen,” said Mr Mogaka.

He explained that Ms Truphena waited for nightfall, when everyone had retired, to unleash her fury, hacking the old woman, who was deep in slumber.

“We have never seen anything like this in this area before. It is strange and quite sad and we are wondering what possessed her to go attacking my mother like that,” said Mr Mogaka.

“It was such a petty argument and we thought she had settled down when her child did not get the porridge. but it appears she had other plans.”

“We are hoping that justice will be served and our mother will rest in peace.” He added.

Maarani Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) Benjamin Kimwere told the Daily Nation that investigations had been launched.


“It is very surprising that two people who have been living together peacefully could end up in such a quarrel,” said Mr Kimwere.

“We have tried to establish if they had any underlying issues, but nothing is forthcoming so far.”

Mr Kimwere said his officers acted fast and prevented neighbours from lynching the assailant.

“We had to act very quickly when we received the report, since we were aware that the residents could have taken matters into their own hands,” Mr Kimwere said.

The woman was arrested and was in custody awaiting charges.

The OCPD also warned members of the public to desist from situations that might cause them harm following an alarming rise in the number of murder cases and conflicts in the area.

“People here should observe peace and avoid involving themselves in unnecessary conflict. We are also trying to establish why there are so many cases of violence.




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