Nyeri Woman attacks tout seducing her daughter in a matatu


Passengers aboard a matatu in Nyeri town, got a rare treat of entertainment when an elderly woman whacked a tout for attempting to seduce her daughter in her (the mother) presence.

The tout, who was loading luggage onto a Ruring’u bound matatu saw a pretty girl in a mini skirt sashay towards the matatu, and began salivating rabidly. The lass boarded the vehicle, and to the wish of the tout, she sat next to him in the seat behind the co-driver’s.

By then, the girl’s mother was withdrawing cash from a nearby M-pesa shop, before joining her in the matatu, a few minutes later. The seats next to her daughter were all occupied and thus, she sat on an unoccupied one behind her.

The naughty conductor could not concentrate on calling more passengers into the matatu but instead kept admiring the beautiful girl. Charmed by the girl’s sexually provocative physical features, the tout couldn’t resist temptations and began behaving strangely.

Restless like a goat on heat, he started craning his neck, rolling eyes suggestively, winking and rapidly running his tongue against his lips as if to suggest the young girl was palatable and ready to be eaten! All the madness was going on at the chagrin of the girl’s fuming mother who was keenly observing the tout fool around.


Once the matatu was full, the tout squeezed himself next to the girl. This was not odd, given the fact that touts are known to wedge themselves between passengers; his move raised no eyes brows.

And when the matatu departed the bus stop, the tout hit the road running; he immediately got straight to business ‘tuning’ the girl. He suggestively scratched his chin, leering sheepishly at the young girl.

This strategy, however, did not prove to be very effective. In fact, it yielded little response, with the girl only rolling her eyes and sneering. The tout took his game a notch higher, and started to lick his lips suggestively as he gestured at the girl using his tongue.

The distracted girl simply smiled — shyly, before shifting her attention back to her phone. Encouraged by the shy smile, the relentless tout ogled at her, eyes red-hot with lust, blinking cheekily.  Tired with the tout’s antics, the girl’s mother issued a stern warning.  “Ni ndui urakanada maitho ta kimbu? Tatigana na muiritu ucio (Why are you opening your eyes like a chameleon?  Can you leave that girl alone)?” she ordered.

The tout, mistaking the woman for an ordinary loud-mouth attention seeker, ignored the warning and kept pushing his luck.


Unimpressed by the tout’s attitude, the mother issued her final warning promising the tout dire consequences. He ignored, reminding the woman that her time to win attention passed long ago, and she should let the young girl enjoy her moment.

Angered by the remark, the mother chose to nip the touts amorous ambitions in the bud — rather violently.

Before the tout hurled more insults, a handbag — swung at a very dangerous speed — hit him in the face with the woman ordering the driver to stop the matatu so that she could teach the tout manners. It hit the tout that the woman was actually the beautiful girl’s mother.  The tout apologised and pleaded for forgiveness. Throughout the journey, passengers laughed their heads off, and discussed the tout’s predicament in hushed tones.

-The Standard



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