Winner of $590MILLION Powerball jackpot is 84-year-old widow from Maine

The winner of a record $590million Powerball jackpot has been revealed to be an 84-year-old widow.

Gloria C. Mackenzie finally claimed her massive prize today, two weeks after she bought the winning ticket at a Publix supermarket in Zephyhills, Florida.

She told lottery officials that she received the lucky numbers – 10, 13, 14, 22 and 52, with a Powerball of 11 – after buying a randomized ‘quick pick’ ticket when someone allowed her to cut in line in front of her.

Mrs Mackenzie, who was the wife of a machine technician at a Maine paper mill, lived in a modest, single-story duplex before she struck it rich. The entire building was worth just $105,000. Now she can buy the entire property more than 2,500 times over.

Very wealthy: This is the 84-year-old widow Gloria Mackenzie who just claimed a $590.5million jackpot

Very wealthy: This is the 84-year-old widow Gloria Mackenzie who just claimed a $590.5million jackpot

The door on the left is Mrs Mackenzie's home. Before her lottery win, she lived in this squat, modest duplex in Zephyhills, florida

The door on the left is Mrs Mackenzie’s home. Before her lottery win, she lived in this squat, modest duplex in Zephyhills, Florida

Home sweet home: Mrs Mackenzie's home front door has a sign that reads 'Private. No soliciting.'

Home sweet home: Mrs Mackenzie’s home front door has a sign that reads ‘Private. No soliciting.’

She bought four other Powerball tickets for the May 18 drawing, but the winning scorecard was her final purchase.

Mrs Mackenzie will split the winnings with her son Scott, 54, of Jacksonville, Florida.

She told lottery officials that before she won, she and her son had made an agreement to share any proceeds. She was with her son when she bought all five of her tickets for the May 18 Powerball drawing.

Scott Mackenzie accompanied his mother to Florida Lottery headquarters in Tallahassee today to claim her prize. She likely won’t see the money until November, however.

Mrs Mackenzie opted to take her winnings in a single lump sum of $370million before taxes. That will work out to about $266million after federal income taxes.

Mrs Mackenzie is a widow, whose husband Ralph died in 2005 at age 79. She has four living children, two of whom live in her native state of Maine.

In Maine, her husband worked as an instrument technician for the Great Northern Paper Company. After his retirement, the two began splitting their times between their hometown of East Millinocket, Maine, and Zephyhills, Florida.

Mrs MacKenzie managed to keep her identity secret until today – even through the ticket was sold in a tight-knit central Florida town where most year-round residents know each others’ names.

One previous lottery jackpot was larger than the $590million sum – a $656million MegaMillions drawing last March – though three tickets matched the winning numbers and had to split the prize.

The lucky Powerball ticket was purchased at a Publix supermarket in Zephyhills.

Residents told MailOnline that the winner took the ticket back to Publix the next day to confirm that the numbers matched the winning drawing.

The winner then left town and has not been heard from since.

‘Being in a small town, everybody knows everybody and in some cases, everybody’s business,’ Dave Walters, a reporter with a local newspaper, told the Associated Press. ‘It’s hard to keep a secret in this town, but this is one of the biggest mysteries we’ve had in a long, long time.


  • $656.0 million, Mega Millions, March 30, 2012 (3 tickets from Kansas, Illinois and Maryland)

  • $590 million, Powerball, May 18, 2013 (1 ticket from Florida)

  • $587.5 million, Powerball, Nov. 28, 2012 (2 tickets from Arizona and Missouri)

  • $390.0 million, Mega Millions, March 6, 2007 (2 tickets from Georgia and New Jersey)

  • $380.0 million, Mega Millions, Jan. 4, 2011 (2 tickets from Idaho and Washington)

  • $365.0 million, Powerball, Feb. 18, 2006 (1 ticket from Nebraska)

  • $363.0 million, The Big Game, May 9, 2000 (2 tickets from Illinois and Michigan)

  • $340.0 million, Powerball, Oct. 19, 2005 (1 ticket from Oregon)

  • $338.3 million, Powerball, March 23, 2013 (1 ticket from New Jersey)

  • $337.0 million, Powerball, Aug. 15, 2012 (1 ticket from Michigan)

Only one ticket from Powerball drawing matched the numbers 10, 13, 14, 22 and 52, with a Powerball of 11. The chances of winning were astronomically low: 1 in 175.2 million.

The jackpot, if taken as a lump sum, will result in a $270million payday after taxes.

Speculation in Zephyrhills reached feverish levels of speculation weeks ago as the residents hoped to discover who among them had become the nations latest multi-millionaire.

It appears now that whoever it values privacy.

Resident Gary Cooper, a transplant from New York, told MailOnline that news of the lottery win is the biggest news the city of 13,000 has seen in the two decades he has lived there.

‘Everybody’s talking about it. It’s a small town, you know? Everybody knows everybody and everybody wants to know who it is,’ he said.

The winner had to travel 250 miles north to Florida Lottery headquarters in the state capital of Tallahassee to claim the ticket. She had 60 days to make the claim.

Zephyrhills is a small city in Pasco County, about 30 miles northeast of downtown Tampa. Once a rural farming town, it’s now known as a hotbed for skydiving activity, and the home to large retiree mobile home parks and the water bottled from the natural springs that surround the area.

As news filtered through the town that the winner of the half-billion dollar jackpot hailed from Zephyrhills television crews descended.

Before the draw the promise of the largest draw in the game’s history had lines of people trying to buy last-minute tickets in all of the 43 states and in Washington DC and U.S. Virgin Islands.

At a mini market in Los Angeles’s Chinatown, on Saturday, employees had to create two lines – one for Powerball customers and one for everybody else. 
-Daily Mail



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