Why Ruai is bursting with energy

ruaiRuai was a remote area in the outskirts of Nairobi City a few years ago. Today, it’s bustling with life, with hundreds of shops and several schools catering for a fast growing population. This is my home, and I love it very much.  Ruai is located along Kangundo Road, 28km from the city centre, a 40-minute drive away. Estates such as Dandora, Njiru, Ruiru, Utawala and at the far end, Kamulu estate, surround the place.

Among the best known schools are Ruai Girls, Ruai Boys, Muhuri Muchiri Boys, and Ruai, Jasipa and Josinah Primary schools.   Due to a rising population after the 2008 post violence election, businessmen have invested in more rental houses, with bedsitters costing f Sh3, 000 a month.   Many people own large portions of land, making the area peri-urban and, therefore, quiet.

A police post nearby offers adequate security. Kamakis and Freetown are the most popular areas for entertainment and are famous for roast meat. Nairobi residents come out in large numberrs on weekends, with matatu fares on route numbers 38/39 charging Sh100 or less from city centre.

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