Vie for presidency in 2017, we have been cheated in Jubilee, Keter tells DP William Ruto

Keter challenges DP William Ruto to vie for presidency in 2017, claims URP has been cheated

Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter

Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter

has challenged Deputy President and United Republican Party (URP) leader William Ruto to vie for presidency in 2017 citing a raw deal in the Jubilee coalition.

The outspoken MP says their The National Alliance (TNA) members have made the URP camp to lose trust with the side lining shown in making key government decisions.

Keter added that the Rift Valley region that is dominantly URP has been side lined in terms of development projects and appointments in state offices.

“We are a significant partners in the Jubilee government and we expect to benefit just as our pre-election pact states,” he stated.

According to Keter the Jubilee leadership has stalled major basic projects in the Rift valley including the construction of three major roads that were initiated by President Kibaki.

Eldoret-Ziwa-Kachibora, Mosoriot-Kaiboi and Chepterit-Baraton roads are among the projects the legislator says President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government has deliberately ignored while prioritizing development in his backyard.

“We cannot keep quiet when we see the contractors withdrawing their machinery from here citing lack of funds yet these projects had been approved by the national government, they should have prioritized funding of such projects,” he explained.

He also raised concern with what he termed as neglect by the government to resettle the Ogiek and Ndorobo communities that were evicted from Serengonik forest more than ten years ago with the promise that they would be given alternative settlement.

“I continue to question the government’s consideration of the Sererengonik evictees resettlement because all other people who were internally displaced were given a place to continue with their lives,” he added.

Keter challenged Ruto talk about the correction of issues raised by the URP members in the coalition since they are genuinely salvaging him from betrayal.

“Our leader should read the signs, when you rear cattle it is advisable that you sleep with an eye open lest your cows be carted away while in slumber, he should lead the way to edit the pre-election marriage agreement” he pointed to Ruto.

Keter explained that Ruto should push for the presidency in 2017 so that he leads for five years and return the baton to Uhuru to complete his second term in 2022.

“If Ruto is afraid to lead the challenge let him delegate the mandate to me so that I vie for the top position in 2017,” he said amid a loud applause from Nandi residents.

However, Nandi senator called for sobriety and calm among the URP camp in the Rift Valley while addressing issues they feel should be corrected in the coalition.

“Let us not blow the appointment and other decision making issues out of proportion, we should exercise caution while representing our community so that the ,opposition does not find a loophole to bring our house down,” he stated.

Sang insisted for national cohesion and unity in handling issues of national leadership if any development is to be achieved, urging all leaders to support the jubilee government in fulfilling  its pledges to the electorate.

The leaders were speaking at Kapsabet Boys High School during Nandi County’s inaugural education day where Chesumei MP Elijah Lagat, Julius Melly (Tinderet), Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana and host governor Cleophas Lagat attended.

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