Video:Jaguar Clears School Fees For ‘Otongolo Time’ Narrator, Daniel Awira-More help is Needed

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Daniel Owira stood in front of the President, giving a memorable performance, an experience he says he could never have dreamed of. This experience is in total contrast to his reality, one of a single-roomed shack in one of the city’s slums with a torturous time every start of term to get school fees. And as the re-opening date for second term neared, Daniel was a worried boy, but today, he needs not worry. His plea for an education fell on the right ears and his dreams to be a lawyer are no longer just that… they might actually come to fruition

To help a M-Pesa Pay bill has been set up as below..

David David Owira here is the Mpesa Pay bill

David David Owira here is the M-pesa Pay bill


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