Video:Eric Wainaina gives us yet another passionate and uplifting song

Eric Wainaina

Eric Wainaina has always had a way of reaching deep into the hearts and souls of his listeners, impacting on our thoughts and entire lives. Eric Wainaina’s music is the type that will leave you thinking for a while, but in a relaxed state of mind.

Always uplifting listeners’ spirit and hopes even when there seems to be non. How many Kenyan songs can you gain strength from by just listening to them? I’ll tell you this up front, not much! Sadly, we are all about partying and all the epic times (which is okay by the way),but at times it just helps a lot to have artistes like this who can take us back in time and show us exactly what we have been through and remind us that we need to avoid the same road we took at that time.

That is what his new song, ‘Rain on you’ is all about. Eric’s smooth voice brings out the emotions that this song will derive from you, whether you like it or not. You just can’t help but feel privileged and blessed to be alive and well at this very moment. With all that is going on at these times, music like this could be a necessity. Something to keep the little hope left alive.

The video too, is one to bring tears to your eyes. I especially love the ending of the video. The sadder photos are replaced by those of happy moments and triumph.

You just have to see this for yourself. Check out the song below.

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