Video:Being Brenda Wairimu a Kenyan actress and model

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Kenyan actress and model, Brenda Wairimu has finally ended months of anxiety by revealing her mystery project.

The long awaited project is a video profiling her career progress in acting and modelling dubbed ‘Being Brenda: Believe, Begin, Become’.

The 23-year-old views the clip as  a guide to see gauge her growth career wise, since joining the industry. “Wanted something that will help analyze if I’m heading towards becoming what I want or not with everything I have done so far” she noted in one of her teases.

With barely two years in acting, Brenda Wairimu has been involved in some major TV project. She debuted in the TV scene a ‘Sharrifa’ in a drama series ‘Changing Times’.

Her character was a poor girl who tried to fit and blend in with her rich friends for fear of rejection, a role which earned her a nomination to for the Kalasha TV and Film Awards.

Brenda’s second role as an actress was in Mali, ‘Kenyas first soap opera’ airing on NTV, as Lulu. According to her, Lulu was an exact opposite of Sharrifa; a spoilt rich girl. She enjoyed taking up the role the contrasting roles immediately after the other as they posed a good challenge and a chance to show her abilty to fit in diverse roles.

After Mali, Brenda landed one of the lead roles in MTV’s Africa big hit TV series, Shuga. She played Dala; a 22 year old communications student.

According to the MTV’s Shuga profile, Dala is “stylish, trendy, and says things like they are. She is Attractive but original, she loves to socialize and is Leo’s girlfriend. The only problem with Dala is that she drinks too much when she parties.”

Brenda Wairimu says her modelling career came by chance. “Modelling was a fluke, it was not something planned” she states. She states that she only took someone to take pictures but ended up taking some as well and that is how it all started.

So far the ‘fluke’ has not been disappointing as she got attractive deals, her first being print adverts for ‘Cadbury S.M.S’ promotion thereafter being a brand ambassador for Alcott Kenya which she says gave her a lot of exposure.

She has featured in a series of local and international magazines and fashion spreads including Salon, Insyder, Love, Drum and New York’s Dream Biglss.

Brenda Wairimu appreciates giving back to the society and helping the less fortunate.

“I think it’s only fair if you have all the opportunities–maybe not all, but you’re fortunate enough to have some opportunities–then it’s only fair that you give back”

She is involved in a couple of charity work like being an ambassador for Computers For Growth, which helps students from not so well off schools with computers in order to have ‘a level playing field so they can at least compete with students from other schools who have these facilities.’

Brenda and a couple of her friends also run an organisation called ‘Cool For School’ which provides re-usable sanitary towels to less fortunate students.

The young actress hopes for a great future as she sums up the 5-minute clip with:

“I don’t want to be a fortune teller but what I know is I Believed and I Began so I just want to have Become in 10 years and just be B.”



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