(VIDEO) Shocking Grave Recycling: Disturbing The Dead in Nairobi cemeteries

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Sharing graves may sound creepy for many but it has become the norm in Nairobi’s Langata and Kariokor cemeteries. Apparently, it is an ingenious recycling concept that has helped the council put up with overwhelming demand for limited burial space, but for the families especially the poor the recycling concept, amounts to disturbing the dead, whose bodies have not fully decomposed. The situation has forced cemetery administrators to device new ways where bodies are buried in shallow graves which are 3 feet under instead of the requisite six feet avoid getting to bodies lying underneath. Judy Kosgei spent a day at one of the oldest cemeteries in Nairobi to witness how it is done, as the city stares to a possibility of having no space to bury the dead.

Via CitizenTV

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