[VIDEO] Kenyan Woman Insults Americans At Boston Train Station

A Kenyan woman is the center of debate on social media after a video in which she ranted about African-Americans at a Boston train station was released.

The video begins with an argument between an African-American male and a Kenyan lady who begin hurling insults at each other for reasons which are unknown.

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According to a Boston-based musician known as Flyboi Dizzy, who posted the video, the woman allegedly approached him and his cousin and randomly harassed them for no reason whatsoever. The harassment allegedly lasted for 1 minute before Flyboi Dizzy began filming which provoked the subject even more.

I took this video primarily out of disbelief.

Flyboi Dizzy continued his description on Facebook of what happened by saying the following (viewer discretion is advised):

We were called stupid american niggers, trash, mothers on drugs, no beautiful women in our community, all of the above for simply being black. I honestly am happy that she ran into myself and my cousin (because) had this been at 2pm when students were heading home, we probably would be saying RIP.

There’s nothing heroic about the situation at all, and if I could do it again I probably wouldn’t say the hurtful things I said because I was hurt. No one is perfect. But I would record this again, we have to shine light on the darkness that corrupts society. This video has been up for a couple of days and hundreds of people have shared with friends and family.

For me its an eye opener, I never thought someone that is the same as me disowns me. I would be the first person to hold a door for this woman, carry her groceries , and defend her if she was in trouble. 22 year old young man with a woman old enough to be my mom disrespecting my culture, everything that I am, all the stereotypes we already face and work everyday to over come. Shit hurt. But look there’s positive message in everything , find it in this video, discuss, move on. Don’t make anyone else feel like this and educate one another!

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