[VIDEO] Esther Arunga Arrested in Australia After Mysterious Death of her 3-Year Old SON

Former Kenyan TV queen, Esther Arunga, and her husband Quincy Timerlake are allegedly being questioned over the tragic death of their 3-year-old son in Australia.

According to Australia Channel 7 news report, the 3-year-old died from complications following a fall down the stairs while playing with his sibling. The parents thought it was not serious and gave him painkillers before tucking him in bed.


Easther Arunga, husband Quincy Timerlake and their First Born Son

The boy’s condition however worsened and that’s when Arunga and Timberlake called medics. The little boy died while being attended to by the medics.

Police are now waiting for the reports of a post mortem before preferring any charges against the much publicised couple.

Earlier, detectives spent hours trying to piece together evidence of what really transpired in the tragedy. Australian channel 7 TV station showed images of the home of the two Kenyans, which was sealed off by police, as the news of the death spread leaving many in shock in Melbourne and in Kenya’s capital Nairobi.

A close family member admitted to being in the dark about the developments of the tragedy.

“In normal circumstances, we would have dispatched the mother to go and at least stand by them and guide them in prayers as they deal with this tragic trauma but she has literally cut off the family from communication,” said a source who requested not to be named.

Watch video from Channel 7 her


A TODDLER has died in his home after apparently falling down the stairs at his home north of Brisbane.

The three-year-old boy died at the Kallangur home with reports he fell down the stairs just after 2pm on Wednesday.

A post-mortem was started today with it expected to be completed late Friday.

Investigations are continuing.

-The Standard



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