[VIDEO] Al-Qaeda and al-Shabaab release a joint propaganda video warning Kenya

Local and international security agencies in Kenya are on high alert following the release of a joint propaganda video by terror network al-Qaeda and Somali terror group al-Shabaab.


This particular video features rare recordings of Shabaab’s leader Mukhtar Abu Zubayr known as “Godane” as well as of the head of Al Qaeda, Ayman al Zawahiri.

The well-produced 36-minute long documentary-style video begins in Somalia, with clips, most likely taken from local news stations. These show African Union troops in various situations in the capital Mogadishu and surrounding areas.

As the clip progresses, direct threats are made to Kenya, its security services and its leadership.

Godane warns that another Westgate-style attack is imminent if Kenya doesn’t withdraw its troops from Somalia.

It’s not the first such threat — but it’s the first time that the Al Qaeda leader has also been involved.

Other clips show interviews with disgruntled Muslim youths living along Kenya’s coast, and speeches by the three well known radical Muslim clerics, murdered in Mombasa in the past two years.

The youth talk about joining militant group al-Shabaab because, they say, they are being targeted and in some cases killed by Kenyan authorities.

Intelligence experts say the video is intended to turn Muslims and Christians against each other.

The clips also deal with the Central African Republic.

Al Qaeda leader Zawahiri accuses French  peacekeepers of aiding Christians in the slaughter of Muslims.

What is most worrying, according to intelligence experts, is the appearance of Al Qaeda’s and Al Shabaab’s leadership in the same clip, pointing to a good working relationship.

Another concern is that previously when the Shabaab leader spoke like this, a  terror attack followed close behind.




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