Unmarried men scramble for ‘free wives’ in Busia

indexOver  100 men thronged Nambale in Busia County on Sunday to receive “free” women and a pack of goodies.

Word had gone round that an NGO had offered to ferry beautiful women from Ukambani and offer them to unmarried men willing to quit the bachelors club.

Unmarried men thronged the venue of the ceremony after getting wind of the lifetime offer.

Other offers according to the men who came as far as Siaya, Bungoma and Kakamega counties and parts of Eastern Uganda were Sh10, 000 and a bag of maize.

The men arrived as early as 7am and were unmoved even as the day progressed with hopes that their dreams would bear fruits. They eventually lost hope at 5pm and decided to disperse

The men claimed they were informed by “by government agents” to come free women, Sh10, 000 and a sack of maize for starting out their new lives.

“Government officials were moving around villagers passing the message to unmarried men to come with their Identification cards and that is why we are here today to wait for that glorious moment.”

Nambale Deputy County Commissioner, Francis Lenyangume however denied that the government was behind the sponsorship of the alleged mass marriage, adding that he was not aware of the said event.

Parents who were attracted by the large crowd outside the DC offices wondered where their daughters will get husbands if plans to import women from other counties were effected.

Women who attended the “ceremony” criticized the men telling them to concentrate on getting serious partners.

“How do you expect to get a free woman and goodies without a sweat? These are not serious men. There are many women in Nambale Town with no men to seduce them!” One woman complained

Such rumours are meant for idle men who cannot make any move in proposing a woman for marriage. “I can accept such men over mu dead body,” said another woman who had come to witness the melodrama.

The man blamed their single status on women who are ill-mannered and disappear with property when they are left alone in the house

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