Turkana Women Representative Joyce Emanikor escapes robbery attack in Nairobi


Turkana County Women Representative Joyce Emanikor

Turkana County Women Representative Joyce Emanikor escaped a robbery attack at her Nairobi residence after her bodyguard fought off gunmen who wanted to rob her.

The bodyguard shot five times at a gang of four that was approaching her on Tuesday night as she arrived her home in Ongata Rongai, police said.

Ms Emanikor said the gunmen had shot once as they approached her but the bodyguard reached his weapon and repulsed them.

“I had arrived home when the gang which had jumped over the perimeter wall struck and tried to approach us but my bodyguard was swift enough to scare them which gave me space to escape into the house,” she said.

The Member of Parliament added the gang seemed to have been waiting for her arrival before they tried to attack at about 10pm.

The attackers escaped without stealing anything from her. But she complained insecurity had been bad in the area adding all her eight neighbours had been attacked and robbed.

“Some of my colleagues also have houses here and I am told all the other neighbours in this area have been attacked by thugs in the past months. It was by sheer luck that I escaped it”.

Ms Emanikor said she had been in a meeting with energy Cabinet Secretary Davis Chirchir and other Turkana leaders over the ongoing oil exploration in the County before she left for home.

She said the attempted attack was an ordinary crime but urged police authorities to facilitate officers in the area to enhance their response.

“I called 999 and the response was good but they came in a very old car. I am going to meet the police boss David Kimaiyo to complain about this problem because it was clear police are unable to respond to scenes in time because of lack of facilities,” she said.

Nairobi County police commander Benson Kibue said the gang may have wanted to make quick money and that no arrest had been made so far.

“We are investigating with an aim of getting these gunmen,” he said.

-The Standard



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