Trader stabs wife to death as son and daughter watch

Relatives and friends at the home of a woman who was murdered by her husband in Siaya County.

Relatives and friends at the home of a woman who was murdered by her husband in Siaya County.

A man is said to have stabbed his wife to death in the presence of their children following a dispute.

The 31-year-old Anyiko Primary School teacher bled to death in their house in Yala, Siaya County, following several stab wounds allegedly inflicted by her husband on Tuesday night. The man has since gone into hiding.

Their eldest son, 7, was traumatised by the killing and by the time the Nation visited the home on Wednesday, he had not yet started talking. The other child, a five-year-old was yet to understand what was going on.

The last words uttered by the boy before he went silent were: “Please come and rescue mother. Father is killing my mother; please come out!”

He said the words at around 10pm to Jevis Ochieng, a neighbour.

Mr Ochieng said after the stabbing, the 7-year-old ran out and came knocking on his door.

“It was at 10pm when I heard a knock on the door, when I opened, it was the boy crying and pleading,” he said.

He headed to their house where he found the Yala-based businessman standing near the door.

“He was holding a knife and threatening to kill anyone who got into his house,” said Mr Ochieng.

He said he was afraid but proceeded to call other neighbours to help him. However, by the time they got to the house, the suspect had walked away.


Mr Ochieng said he was with the man earlier in the evening and though usually reserved, he did not appear disturbed.

On how the assailant sneaked away, the neighbour said: “We were struggling to save a life, so we did not bother to stop him, but when we got to the house, the teacher was dead, helplessly lying in a pool of blood.”

The brother of the deceased, Edwin Ouma, and their older sister Rose Akinyi told the Nation that they were yet to understand what happened.

“I spoke to her in the morning. She told me that she was going to seek permission from school so that we could travel together to attend the burial of a cousin who died in a road accident,” said Mr Ouma.

He said the news shocked him because to the best of their knowledge, the couple had been living peacefully.

“I do not know what actually happened. The answers are with him wherever he is because my sister is dead.”

Following the death, learning at Anyiko primary was paralysed as the pupils stayed away from their classrooms probably trying to come to terms with the demise of a teacher who was described as dear to many.

Alphonce Otieno, the headteacher, said he received two separate phone calls informing him that the teacher had been stabbed to death by her husband.

“I refused to believe the news. I called her close friend who also teaches at our school and she confirmed the news.”

Gem OCPD Wambua Mutiso said investigations had been launched.




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