The Brookhouse School Fee Structure that Has Shocked Kenyans

Brookhouse International

Brookhouse International

For a few days now, Brookhouse has been trending on Social media and you’ve probably been wondering why.
Someone got hold of the fee structure for the Langata based international school, and lets just say the zeros are astounding.

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This is what the school, associated with Kenyatta family charges:

* The fees are in Ksh

Tuition Only Boarding & Tuition
 Early Years 175,000  n/a
 Year 1 215,000 n/a
 Years 2-5 375,000 675,000
 Years 6-8 410,000 710,000
 Years 9-11 450,000 750,000
 Years 12-13 465,000 765,000
 BTEC Courses 200,000 500,000

These fees are payable at the commencement of each term (September, January and April) in Kenyan Shillings or US Dollars.The academic year for the School is split into three terms and runs September – July.
Term One (September – December)
Term Two (January – March)
Term Three (April – July)

Class Approx Age Time Duration
Pre-School 2-4 years Full Time 175,000 (inclusive of lunch)
Pre-School 2-4 years 5 mornings 140,000 (inclusive of lunch)
Pre-School 2-4 years 4 mornings 105,000 (inclusive of lunch)
Pre-School 2-4 years 3 mornings 90,000 (inclusive of lunch)
Pre-School 2-4 years Full Day 35,000 per day (inclusive of lunch)
Reception Class 4-5 years Full Time 175,000 (inclusive of lunch)
Year 1 5-6 years Full Time 215,000 (inclusive of lunch)


These fees are payable at the commencement of each term (September, January and April) in Kenyan Shillings or US Dollars.
The tuition cost includes all textbooks and some stationery.  The student is expected to provide some items of equipment as listed in the handbook for parents and students.


  • Registration fee (non refundable)    Kshs.       30,000     (once only)
  • Registration fee – Early Years only(non refundable)    Kshs.       15,000
  • Caution Money for day students    Kshs.     100,000     (once only)
  • Caution Money for day students – Early Years only    Kshs.     50,000     (once only)
  • Caution Money for boarding students     Kshs.     200,000     (once only)
  • Caution Money for IFY students (refundable only upon progression to an NCUK university)    Kshs. 50,000     (once only)
  • Transport (if required)      Kshs.       40,000     per term
  • Transport (door to door, if required)      Kshs.       45,000     per term
  • Individual Music Lessons (instrumental or vocal)     Kshs.       12,000     per term
    – payable DIRECT to the peripatetic music teachers
  • Music Instrument Hire (payable to Brookhouse Schools)      Kshs.       7,000       per term
  • Yearbook Fee (annual)     Kshs.       1,600       per year
  • Kenya pupil pass and re-entry pass (non-Kenyans)    Kshs.       13,000
  • AAR Medical Cover for boarding students (optional)     Kshs.       48,000     per year*
    * subject to adjustment by the medical insurance provider




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