The Bootiful Vera Sidika Removes Panties In Front Of Big Brother Judges

94c550212539b428e915b05ddcc2551c_LIt seems the competition for Big Brother positions is steaming hot. Literally!

Big Brother auditions started recently, and they are now in the final stages of shortlisting contestants to participate.  

Vera was among the shortlisted competitors, and boy did she make her case solidly! Now this girl is well known for her overtly sexual persona, which has been demonstrated in the past by the fact that she has named her booty.This makes her a prime target for Big Brother audiences, who eagerly anticipate things like seeing the female contestants naked during the Shower Hour.
According to eye witnesses at the auditions, Vera was dressed in a dress when she went in front of the judges. Shortly into the interview, she proceeded to bend over and remove her undergarments in full view of the judges, and the contestants who were waiting to go after her. Needless to say, the judges were very impressed by what they saw, and cheered Vera on every step of the way!
When I asked Vera why she did it, she said, “I was simply feeling hot, and so I decided to remove my panties. I mean, why should I have gone all the way to the toilet to remove them? I just decided to do it there,  

I don’t see anything wrong with that. I got a really good reception from the judges. They were really having a lot of fun during my whole audition.”
Vera is famous for having got P-Unit’s “You Guy” video banned from TV.


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Video below  “You Guy” by P-Unit was banned by Citizen tv featured Vera: here is a portion of the statement they released:

“the video is too explicit for prime TV airing and while the show targets youthful adults, there is evidently a very young audience too due to the fact that it is an interesting show that also shows during hours when most working adults are not even home to watch any TV”

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