The app that lets you ‘UNTEXT’ someone: Strings allows users to take back messages and pictures they’d rather people didn’t see

untextingIf you’ve ever woken up full of regret about the messages you sent the night before, or you’ve sent a text to the wrong person, a new app could solve your woes.

Called Strings, the free app lets you remotely remove all traces of your drunken ramblings or inappropriate comments before the recipient ever gets the chance to see them.

The string of messages is ‘immediately and permanently’ deleted from everybody’s phone, and it is impossible to download or save messages from the app.

The only drawback is that the app requires everyone who is texting to have it installed.

Unlike other similar apps, such as Cluster, it doesn’t allow anyone to download the messages to a private folder once they’ve been sent.

Strings claims that all content is deleted from every users’ phone and from Strings servers. Users can also see when a message has, or has not, been read.

The process has been dubbed ‘untexting.’

‘We think the time for Strings is now,’ said Seattle-based Edward Balassanian, founder of Be Labs which created the app.

‘With the privacy issues plaguing existing messaging apps, email, and texting, it’s time we had a messaging app that gives us complete control of our conversations.’

The app starts with letting users select who to start conversations with. Users can add or remove people, allowing them to change who sees their content.

Each ‘string’ is a unique conversation, making it possible to have multiple conversations with the same people about different topics.

Users always maintain the ability to delete a string of conversation at any time. Once deleted, the string and all its associated content is removed from every users’ phone.

Strings is currently available for free from the iOS App Store. An updated version is due to be released in mid-January. There is no word on when an Android version will be released.

It follows the launch of a similar app, dubbed Ansa, which also allows people to delete messages sent to a person’s device remotely.

‘With Ansa you can go ‘off the record’, and have full conversations that automatically disappear; send self-destructing photos and videos that only last for seconds; and take back the messages you already shared using synced deletion,’ explained the developers.

Videos and photos only appear when a user clicks ‘Tap to view’, and once viewed are only be visible for 60 seconds before being deleted from both users’ phones.


Content is deleted from phones and servers ‘immediately and permanently’

• However, both the sender and recipient must be using the app for this to work

• Users see when a message has been read and process is dubbed ‘untexting’

• Free Strings app is currently available from Apple’s iOS App Store

• A similar app, dubbed Ansa, also allows you to delete messages remotely





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