Teenager rapes granny and falls asleep in Kinangop, Nyandarua County


There was drama in a village in Kinangop Nyandarua County after a teenager raped a granny in her house but immediately fell asleep after the act.

The 19 year old is fighting for his life after residents of Mutonyora set on him with all manner of weapons leaving him for  dead.

Police rescued the suspect who was said to be drunk during the incident and rushed him to Naivasha district hospital in critical conditions.

During the attack, the granny lost three teeth and was left nursing injuries on her neck and she was treated in the district hospital and discharged.

According to a relative Josephine Mwangi, the 70 year old victim was living alone when the 2 am incident occurred.

Mwangi said that the teenager gained entry into the house through the window and found the woman deep asleep.

“He held her by the neck and they struggled for over 30 minutes before the woman gave in after realizing that the suspect would strangle her to death,” she said.

The emotional relative said that soon after the attack, the suspect who was stark naked fell asleep and started snoring.

“The granny waited for some time before crawling out to bed and rushing to a neighbor’s house where she sought help,” said the relative.

Area residents moved to the home where they found the suspect deep asleep and they drugged him from the bed before setting on him with all manner of weapons.

He said that the victim had recorded a statement with police adding that they were waiting for the suspect to recover before arraigning him in court.

“The suspect was rushed to Naivasha district hospital but later on transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital after his condition deteriorated,” he said.

At the same, police in the area have arrested four suspects in connection with the murder of a milk trader in Soko Mjinga center.

The four were arrested after the trader who killed in unclear circumstances and the body dumped by the roadside on Friday.

“We have four suspects in police cells and we are interrogating them before taking the necessary action,” he said.

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Kinangop OCPD Yawa Chome confirmed the incident noting that the teenager was in critical condition following the beating



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