Tatu City – Myths & Truths


MYTH: Tatu City shall be one massive gated community with controlled access

TRUTH: Tatu City shall be open to anyone with no wall around it and gates at the entrance. Two public roads run across the city (east to west and north to south) so access will be open. Since it’s a city, it would be impractical to construct a wall around it given the acreage of the projects. However, some small gated communities inside shall have walls and controlled access just like presently.

MYTH: Jobs at the Tatu City construction site shall be given to expatriates and other outside manpower

TRUTH: Jobs at Tatu City will be prioritized to the people living around the site since it’s in their locality and then the Kenyans who are qualified to handle such.

MYTH:Tatu City will be only for the rich and with means.

TRUTH: Different types of housing will be available to people from all walks of life.After construction, Developers will determine selling or rent prices.

MYTH: Water and other service utilities may be just like Nairobi

TRUTH: In Tatu City, the management will provide utility services like water, electricity, gas and internet. Stories of shortages or outages currently ailing Nairobi will be history and unheard-of in Tatu.

MYTH: Tatu City will be open after 12 Years of construction

TRUTH: Tatu City will and is being constructed in a phased system whereby after one phase is declared ready and complete, residents can move in while construction moves to another phase. Currently, PHASE 1A is under construction and once it’s complete in late 2013, residents will move in while the team moves to the next phase.

Construction Update


On the ground, the contractor for the enabling works is finishing and wrapping up the work which started in May this year. Access roads have been set up and construction works at the site will halt and resume in late January. During this period, tendering for the next contractor will be in process.

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