Tanzanian Police After Rapper Chidi Benz For Allegedly Assaulting Singer Ray C

Ray C after being beaten

Ray C after being beaten

Tanzanian police are hunting down popular rapper Chidi Benz who is alleged to have assaulted fellow musician, Ray C last week on Thursday.

According to Bongo5, Ray C claims that Chidi hunted her down at her home before badly raining blows on her.

“It’s true he attacked me on Thursday night, he beat me up and damaged property. It caught me by surprise, the night of the attack because I didn’t even know who showed him my home. I was looking for him so we could plan a show aimed at educating the youth regarding drug abuse. He must have taken it the wrong way, I feel he is suffering the effects of drug abuse. Honestly, it is drug influence he is not okay. Right now, I have his RB, the police are looking for him and wherever he is, he will be arrested and taken into custody. I know he will go into hiding but the police will find him eventually. Tanzanians should cooperate with the police to make sure he gets arrested because Chidi is definitely not okay,” she told Bongo5.

Ray C a.k.a Rehema Chalamila, is a reformed drug addict who lost everything as the world watched because of her addiction to hard drugs. The President of Tanzania intervened and in the process saved her live from the downward spiral that was sucking it out of her.

She has since resolved to raise awareness on drug use and abuse amongst the youth in Tanzania and has even started a foundation ‘The Ray C Foundation’ to support her efforts.

It has not been easy for her though, just last week, we reported of her social media altercation with another Tanzanian musician TID after she tried to address his ‘drug problem’ but things went left.

There are speculations that she may be setting herself up for worse trouble and some people feel that her methods at tackling the issue are lacking in tactic.

Others find her efforts noble and accord the opposition to the fact that she is exposing a social rot in the music industry.

Rapper Chidi Benz For Allegedly Assaulting Singer Ray C

Singer Ray C (L) and Rapper Chidi Benz (R)

Ray C in hospital after being beaten

Ray C in hospital after being beaten



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