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Is there end in sight in the scramble for Embakasi Ranching Company ?

Embakasi Ranching Company is arguably the largest land-buying firm in Nairobi. In the recent past, however, it has faced its fair share of controversy over the ownership of some plots… Read more »

Big dream that could earn Kariobangi startups billions

The narrow alleys between the stalls are a slimy quagmire of muddy sewerage. Food kiosks, vegetable stalls and juakali shops compete for space with residential buildings in Kariobangi, a light… Read more »

Pooling Funds In Groups Of 12 Lowers Entry Level In Real Estate Investing

Land contributes the most cost in housing, yet the resource continues to appreciate by more than 20 per cent every year. This means that the cost of housing continues to… Read more »

Half-acre plot gives Nairobi good name in modern farming,raking in an estimated Sh750,000 per month.

Some 20km away from the Nairobi city centre, a farm in Ruai has been drawing visitors in big numbers. In 2011, Sanla Farm caught the attention of the United Nations…. Read more »