[VIDEO]Sonko pays Sh300,000 to Caribea after gun chaos

MIKE-SONKO-CARIBEA Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has compensated Caribea Bar for unpaid bills and damage caused during a confrontation between him and Nairobi Woman Representative Rachael Shebesh on Saturday night.

Sonko visited the restaurant and handed over Sh300,000 to Caribea director Atul Kochhar but insisted it was not a claim of liability but “just to assist.”

“I am not in any way interfering with the investigations; I am just being a responsible leader and paying the bills that some of the customers left behind on that day and also for the damages that were caused.”

“Some of the customers are traceable and others are not so we need to pay those bills,” Sonko explained.

The Senator also denied claims he ignored police summons after the incident.

“I recorded my statement on the first day that I reported this matter. On that night I sneaked out and went to the Kilimani Police Station where I even got an occurrence book number 97.”

“I recorded (my statement) at 8pm the same night the fracas broke out; I was not avoiding the police station as was said earlier.”

Speaking at the bar, Kochhar thanked the Senator saying that the money will be utilised to replace property that was ruined when shots were fired during the chaos.

He assured the two legislators that they are always welcome to the bar even after Saturday’s encounter.

“The money that we have received will pay bills that were not sorted; there was damage of a computer and other property.”

“The two are always here and they are always welcome… and I am sure that they will put in effort to ensure that when they are here they just enjoy themselves,” he said.

Earlier on Tuesday, Shebesh also recorded her statement at the Kilimani Police Station accompanied by her husband Frank Shebesh.

It is understood that bodyguards of the two lawmakers were forced to shoot in the air when a confrontation over unknown issues almost turned violent.

“There was a commotion that was followed by gunfire into the air, scaring patrons,” a police officer said, quoting witnesses at the popular club in Kilimani.

Although no casualty was reported during the incident, police said they had opened an investigation to question the two leaders and their security personnel over the matter.

Kilimani divisional CID chief George Ojuka said both leaders had been summoned to record statements.

“We understand the two leaders had an exchange before someone shot in the air,” Ojuka said, “The use of the firearm was unwarranted because no one was in any danger.”

Before the incident, Sonko had posted the following message on Facebook: “Watu wangu (my people) my life is in danger. I’m just from a funeral of my late family’s driver who’s been laid to rest at his family home a few hours ago. After delivering my speech I told the people who escorted me to the funeral to meet me at my usual joint for thanksgiving dinner but I’m shocked to find a politician well known to me with his/her 30 people who keep on shouting and threatening me but all the same I am playing it cool.”

It is believed this is the post that infuriated Shebesh’s supporters.




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