Saba Saba Exposed Raila As A Conman And False Messiah



Raila has actually not told his real agenda in spending hundreds of millions to organize public rallies including Sabasaba, from one end of the country to the other. But from the slips of the tongue by him and other Cord principals Moses Wetangula and Kalonzo Musyoka, an all inclusive government and terminating Jubilee government soonest and replacing it with another that would include or be led by Cord principals is what Cord is fighting for. This is despite denials by Raila.

However this real intention of Raila and his Cord coalition is not admitted publicly but camouflaged in diversionary agendas that include national dialogue, corruption, insecurity, negative ethnicity, IEBC, implementation of TJRC report and instant liberation of every Kenyan on Sabasaba which failed to materialize.

As for the means of achieving power from the Jubilee government, they include divine violence that would bring heavy rain upon President Uhuru and his government, cause a Tsunami that would sweep all the political problems from across the land into the Indian Ocean, shaving the President’s head without water and instantly liberating all Kenyans on the Sabasaba day.

It is obvious that what Raila has been promising masses in his rallies are things that cannot be achieved without a combination of miracles and human violence or they are outright political conman-ship and false messiah-ship.

The language of showering rain on a government is figurative of bombing or raining bullets that for instance Nyerere used against Idi Amin during the Uganda-Tanzania war in 1979 when Nyerere said Tanzanian army was showering Idi Amin with long rains – “mvua ya masika” – that would continue until he was defeated.

In the minds of anyone who knows what a Tsunami is, threatening a country or political enemy with a Tsunami means unleashing great violence and destruction. Yet this violence and destruction can be unleashed only if one has a big army or is blessed with divine violence similar to the one unleashed by God against Sodom and Gomorrah.

Yet Raila did not hesitate to promise his gullible audiences instant liberation on Sabasaba day which left one wondering how such a great revolution could be realized overnight.

For Raila who has no army, the language of showering President Uhuru with heavy rain and shaving his head without water is a language of miracles no different from that of Prophet Owuor or Ng’ang’a. Raila cannot master a Tsunami and liberate Kenyans instantly without divine powers.

But Raila is not a fool. He knows he does not command any human violence he can unleash against government or divine powers to do miracles that would bring about rain, Tsunami, power to shave the head of a president or instantly liberate people. Claiming one has these powers when one does not have them can only amount to engaging in political conman-ship and false messiah-ship that set up Raila’s own failure.

Strangely, our media will not challenge Raila on these claims. Is it out of their fear of him, wishful thinking that these things might happen or a secret wish to disappoint people?

Would media in another country allow Raila to promise massive violence, destruction and instant liberation on one day without challenge? Did followers of Cord that cheered Raila when he made these false promises deserve the disappointment they suffered, when they watched Raila on Sabasaba or listened to him live at Uhuru Park so helpless and disappointing?

Leadership unlike religion is very serious business and leaders should never be allowed to make promises they cannot actualize without challenge by media. And while bishops and prophets promise miracles, salvations and healings without proof, for media to allow leaders to promise miracles which they cannot actualize, merely to attract masses to their meetings is to fail in their constitutional duty of interrogating leaders, informing and educating people.

But why would Raila who spent over eight years fighting for people engage in political conman-ship and false messiah-ship? Does he also believe that in politics the end justifies the means or that “all is fair in love and war”? Of course we know from Chairman Mao of China that war is politics with violence and politics is war without violence and from Sun Tzu that deceit is the art of war or politics mostly done for selfish ends. And while some people join politics to serve and even liberate, it is also true that many more join politics and religion to exploit unsuspecting masses who will realize they have been conned when it is too late.

It is hard to believe that Raila went to jail for self gain but when I look at people who keep him political and even social company – Kalonzo Musyoka, Moses Wetangula, Charles Mugane Njonjo and Amos Wako – people who would not go to jail for anything, I am forced to conclude that Raila must have changed from a champion of public service to one of self gain.

Had Raila not changed, he would not put his ambition for power above sanctity of Sabasaba day, democratic means of getting change and principles of justice and ethnic equality that best people live and die for.

Tragically, as Raila is so consumed with search for power, he has forgotten that sometimes rejecting office can give you more power which is exercised more effectively through influence than office. When Mahatma Gandhi turned down the offer to be India’s first Prime Minister, he gained rather than lost power to Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.


– The Star



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