Rwanda Displaces Ghana On Fastest Broadband Speed Ranking In Africa

Rwanda has displaced Ghana to become the country with the fastest broadband Internet speed in the continent, according to latest statistics from Ookla’s NetIndex.

Ghana which ranked on top with the fastest broadband speed in Africa in March 2012 has now dropped to the 4th position in the ranking with broadband download speeds of up to 4.42 Mbps, down from 5.14 Mbps about six months ago.

From the latest broadband speed results, Rwanda currently has download speeds of up to 7.28 Mbps from 3.28 Mbps six months ago, ranking it 65th in the world. The country is followed by Libya with 5.12 Mbps and Ethiopia with 4.82 Mbps.

Other African countries with the fastest broadband speeds include Kenya with 4.34 Mbps, currently ranked 5th in Africa, dropping from 2nd position six months ago; Morocco with 3.51 Mbps, ranked 8th in Africa; and South Africa with 3.31 Mbps, ranked 10th in Africa and 118th in the world.

The table below shows a list of the top 10 African countries with the fastest broadband speeds as at October 2012.

According to the the report, Hong Kong ranks number one in the world with 42.08 Mbps, followed by Japan with 37.13 Mbps and Lithuania in third position with 36.81 Mbps.

Nigeria ranks 13th in Africa and 138th in the world with broadband download speeds of 2.73 Mbps and remains the second West African country with the fastest broadband speed after Ghana.

Ookla is the global leader in broadband testing and web-based network diagnostic applications. Based on millions of recent test results from, the NetIndex compares and ranks consumer download speeds around the globe.

Top 10 Countries in Africa

Africa Rank Country Broadband Speeds Global Rank
1 Rwanda 7.28Mbps 65
2 Libya 5.12Mbps 82
3 Ethiopia 4.82Mbps 85
4 Ghana 4.42Mbps 93
5 Kenya 4.34Mbps 95
6 Uganda 3.73Mbps 108
7 Angola 3.54Mpbs 112
8 Morocco 3.51Mbps 113
9 Namibia 3.38Mbps 117
10 South Africa 3.31Mbps 118

Credit: Techloy. Data Source: Ookla



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