Runaway bull is caught by German farmer after getting it to eat grain mixed with two bottles of Vodka


Caught: The animal escaped from the farm in Kallmünz near Regensburg, Germany, in the summer

A cunning farmer managed to catch a runaway bull by getting it drunk on vodka mixed in with his feed. 

The animal escaped from the farm in Kallmünz near Regensburg, Germany, in the summer and the farmer had been trying to catch it ever since.

It had been evading capture by hiding in the Bavarian woods and the owner was getting desperate. 

He applied to the vets for permission to shoot and kill the beast as it was causing concern in the local area. 

The Local reports the permission was denied and he was still unable to snare it.

He tried tracking it for six months and shooting it with a tranquiliser but it failed and the bull was still running free. 

But then one neighbouring farmer, Werner Dechant, came up with a plan after the bull wandered on to his farm. 

He tried to catch the animal with a rope while it was eating grain from a bucket first of all but the bull ran off whenever he got close to it.

It was then he thought a bottle of vodka may slow the animal down enough to catch it. 

As he was happily eating grain from the farm, the farmer decided to spike it with vodka. 

He was too worried about the bull’s health to try a tranquiliser but thought by pouring a bottle of vodka in with the food it would knock it out. 

When one bottle didn’t have enough of an effect, Mr Dechant tried again a few nights later but this time poured two whole bottles in with the grain. 

After the bull became woozy, he looped a rope around its neck and managed to get him into a barn. 

The bull has now been reunited with its owner.



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