Ruaka, the new choma hood in Kenya

After enjoying nyama choma at Red Lion, Pili Pili and her beau drive to the new Herisquare nearby and discover it’s a fine family joint

Herisquare Lounge in Ruaka along Eastern By-Pass

Herisquare Lounge in Ruaka along Eastern By-Pass

Sunday afternoon found Mr Man and I hunting for the best nyama choma joint in the City’s outskirts. We drove to Rosslyn estate in Ruaka area, ogling some beautiful properties coming up. There are new areas opening up in this City that were virgin lands a few years ago and it’s time for young investors to jump onto the gravy train. We found ourselves on the Northern bypass past Ruaka town, and noticed a nyama choma base.

There’s something about these roast meat dens opening up along the bypasses. People flock here on weekends, having left the city to go and look for land to buy or view properties or water the trees they have planted in their new ka-quarter of an acre. This happens along the Ruiru or Eastern bypass too, at Kamakis. You could call these dens dinghy, but what they are practical. As Kenyans would say, for comfort, wachia (leave it to) Silent Night!

We sampled more than our fair share of meat from the open grills lining up the meat joints before ordering our Sh750 tray of roast ribs, and sat at the Red Lion. After nyam’chom, we opted to watch a World Cup match at a popular new family joint, Herisquare, just opposite the site for the upcoming Two Rivers, one of the largest planned shopping malls in East Africa. Herisquare was a pleasant surprise.

Right from the entrance, the lush grounds, the natural stone and timber detailing, the ample parking, we loved the experience. So far removed from the city centre, in the boondoos, one wouldn’t expect such finesse in design, finishes and facilities. Moreover, the facility is massive, with lots of space for break-away groups in bandas and a sprawling verandah for those who love the outdoors. The dance floor is big and modern, with lots of lighting effects to keep you on your feet. Being a World Cup season, you will love their huge screens in all the spaces.

For pool enthusiasts, there is a whole section just for snooker. And they do have an offer for Monday to Thursday; four beers for 450. Tuesdays is reggae night with the Uptown Raving Kings Dohty Family. Sundays are family fun days, and on this particular one, it was packed to capacity. They also host social events and offer details on the active Facebook page. I was quite impressed and I intend to pay Herisquare a visit again.

Herisquare Lounge Parking View

Herisquare Lounge Parking View

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