Riverwood’s upcoming movie maker

George Nderitu

George Nderitu

Any parent would be appalled if their child woke up one day and declared that they are quitting school to pursue a career in movie production. But that is exactly what George Nderitu did. His love for acting drove him to terminate his studies at an institution of higher learning to make movies. “I was pursuing a business management course in a local college but within two semesters I felt uncomfortable and that’s when I joined a production crew in Nyahururu who incorporated me in a movie they were acting and it opened my eyes and boosted my morale,” Nderitu said.

From an early age, Nderitu, 22 had a passion for acting and movie script writing as he participated in drama, both in primary and secondary school. He says that he wrote a horror movie script after completing high school but it was impossible to produce it due to lack of finances and crew among other logistics. “I wrote the second script in 2011 but I was frustrated because I was unable to get funding to turn it into a movie but I never gave up because of my resolve to excel in the industry,” Nderitu said. Lady luck smiled upon him in 2012 when the script he wrote Dangerous Contract became the first tangible success in his venture in movie production and acting.

It cost him Sh70,000 to produce the movie. “I assembled local and inexperienced actors and improvised most of the materials and locations to minimise on the cost and it was a success because I was able to sell it to a local television station that paid Sh30,000 together with other royalties. We also sold it and managed to recoup our production costs and pay the crew some money,” Nderitu said. At the time, his inspiration was watching movies made in Nairobi’s Riverwood and Riftwood, (Riftvalley). Later, Oscar Award winner Lupita Nyong’o also became another inspiration, owing to her success in the global scene.

Nderitu is currently a second year student at Mt Kenya University, Nakuru where he is pursuing a degree in Mass Communication. After he produced his first movie, Nderitu has never looked back. Together with other members of Gendy Production, including DJ Gylo they have produced their latest movie titled Sizla. Sizla is an orphan a girl who together with her younger sister Kasupuu are left under the care of their arrogant aunt who mistreats them. After much suffering, humiliation and agony, Sizla makes it in life and marries a successful man, Frank.

“The movie is in the market and we are sourcing for a local TV station that can buy it to air and we are optimistic soon we will get a breakthrough,” Nderitu said. The other movie in the pipeline is dubbed Beads of Passion. Though Nderitu and his crew have numerous challenges ranging from funding, lack of professional actors and little support locally, he expressed optimism that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Success to him is built gradually and together with other Nakuru artists, they have formed a group called Nakuru City Square to nurture talent among the youth. “I am on the verge of registering Gendy Production as my own production house and also I have a magazine, which is ready for publication. It highlights entrepreneurship and business,” Nderitu said.



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