Raila just a suave political salesman after the spoils

Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi

Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi

We must admit that there are two Saba Saba days in Kenya’s history. Twenty-two years ago, Kenyans, led by men of substance and with real conviction and devotion to a new vision of a democratic and accountable government, called the bluff on the Moi state, defied him and, in the process, kicked off a long and odious struggle for the second liberation.

That struggle ended with the ultimate prize: the promulgation of a new constitution in 2010. It is a document that finally drew the curtain in the struggle and agitation for a better country, governed through a constitution owned and authored by the people of Kenya.

Then we have the second and new Saba Saba tomorrow’s. The fake Saba Saba. Three angry men who lost in last year’s elections are the new prophets. They want a slice of the prize that eluded them but, like many prophets, are too shy to demand it.

Apart from their personal grievances and goals, there is no genuine philosophy, belief or people’s agenda that informs the new Saba Saba. It all started as a bad joke when Raila Odinga called for tomorrow’s rally and “declared” it a public holiday. He then said that on that day, “Kenyans” will make a resolution on how they want to be governed; a veiled threat that he may kick off a new agitation.

Any student of Kenya’s history will note the irony of the new Saba Saba. If the original Saba Saba delivered to the people all they demanded, why start a new agitation through the new one?

The answer is provided by Raila and his followers. The simple answer is that the original Saba Saba and the Constitution did not deliver to Raila what he wanted from day one power to rule and reign in the Republic. It is that simple.

A new ideal
The plan or programme Raila had for this country for the last 30 years was simple. Either he rules Kenya à la Mugabe, or there will be chaos, agitation, and endless instability. Compare the times he was in government and the times he was out of government and you will see the patterns of behaviour.

I do not think that Raila is a democrat, a reformer, a believer in the rule of law and democracy.

In this new agitation, Raila is pushing to the fore of Kenya’s political and constitutional discourse what he simply believed in all along either he is in government or he will unleash chaos and instability.

His new lesson to Kenyans is introduction of a new Raila doctrine. It is this: “That Raila is equal to or greater than the Kenyan people, their government and their constitution”.
It simply means that Raila’s human needs and demands are more important than those of all Kenyans, their country and constitution.

And, according to Raila, if Kenyans are sensible people, they ought to quench his thirst for power by offering sacrifices, and the ultimate sacrifice is to give him power.

Raila is telling the entire country that he can lay a siege on them, that he can cause chaos, that he can demand the impossible, that he is a new deity that can scatter the country to the four winds, that stability is not guaranteed by the Constitution and other laws.

Raila has, through the new agitation, shown Kenyans that the Constitution means little. That the structures of governance and the people of Kenya are subservient to his demands. That the destiny of Kenya lies in his hands.

In his matrix, Raila is half the problem. The other half lies at the doorstep of some Kenyans. I have no problem with his followers. Every powerful politician has his people in his corner.

The problem is with some Kenyans who never seem to learn that Raila is not in search of true democracy, rule of law, constitutionalism and good governance.

Please open your eyes and be rational. Raila doesn’t believe in any of these liberal notions.

Open your eyes to the tricks of the best political salesman in our country’s history.




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