[VIDEO] President Kenyatta launches one-stop-shop Huduma Kenya service programme

President Uhuru Kenyatta with Deputy President William Ruto at the launch of Huduma service at Teleposter tower in Nairobi

President Uhuru Kenyatta with Deputy President William Ruto at the launch of Huduma service at Teleposter tower in Nairobi

Kenyans will now easily access government services and obtain crucial documents from at least 10 government agencies from one place.

Services such as renewal of drivers’ licences, duplicate ID cards, registration for the National Hospital Insurance Fund and processing NHIF claims, will now be offered at the Huduma centres, launched by President Kenyatta in Nairobi Thursday.

The Huduma Centre, also referred to as a ‘one-stop shop’, will initially provide 18 services from 10 government agencies.

Other centres will be set up at 47 county headquarters, then across the country at sub-county level, through partnership with the private sector.

The Nairobi centre is located at the Telposta Towers on Kenyatta Avenue.


Mr Kenyatta said efficiency of the public service was important in enhancing the business environment, and for sustained improvement of the welfare of Kenyans.

“The centres are expected to provide convenient, expeditious, high quality and relevant public services that would go a long way in the actualisation of devolution and realisation of Kenya Vision 2030,” he said.

The public will also be able to obtain NHIF member statements, have their stamp duty assessment conducted and pay at the centres.

They can also have their single business permit and Nairobi City County seasonal tickets processed and issued there.

Other services include registration of searches and registration of business names, registration of welfare groups, filing reviews or addressing complaints on procurement and disposal, and even applying or repaying student loans.

The services will be provided online through the Huduma Web Portal and on mobile phones through the Huduma Mobile Platform, the Huduma Call Centre and the Huduma Payment Gateway.
The Devolution ministry, in collaboration with the Interior ministry, spearheaded Huduma.

At the same time, Mr Kenyatta warned corrupt and inefficient officers that their days were numbered.

“The public service became the epitome of inefficiency. This inefficiency bred corruption, initiating a cycle of vice, which has tormented many and cost the country billions,” he said.

At another function at Uhuru Park, the President warned corrupt police officers; “The time for transformation has come and those who are not ready to change should leave and give a chance to others willing to serve.”

In subsequent phases, the government will not be asking citizens to provide copies of documents issued by “the same government” since enterprise systems will enable government departments to share citizen data.

The President said that the public service played an integral role in economic growth. In order to accelerate and consolidate national transformation, the entire public service has to first be transformed, he added.

“The attitude of public service providers, the systems and processes of service delivery and the quality of public services must experience a serious turnaround. Public servants are not rulers to lord over citizens. They are servants,” he said.




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