Police on high alert after hate leaflets circulate in Nakuru County

leafletsNakuru town woke up to hate leaflets circulating early Thursday warning the Luo community to leave the Rift Valley region within seven days.

The leaflets read: “ILANI ILANI!!!! 19/06/2014 WAJALUO WOTE WAHAME RIFT VALLEY KWA SIKU SABA LA SIVYO TUTAINGIA NYUMBA KWA NYUMBA” (Notice Notice!!! 19/06/2014 all Luo community members to leave Rift Valley in seven days).

Nakuru police boss Bernard Kioko confirmed the spread of the leaflets and said police were on high alert.

“Yes, I can confirm that we have received these leaflets but our police are on high alert and are investigating this matter,” he said.

Kioko said that the leaflets started circulating from around 5am in the morning in areas which are predominantly inhabited by the members of the Luo community.

He said his officers have so far launched investigation into the matter on the author of the leaflets.

The OCPD further urged Nakuru residents to ignore the leaflets and continue with their day to day activities.

A spot check by the Star revealed that most of the shops in Kamptembwo, Rhonda and Shaabab remained closed for the better part of the day following the circulation of the leaflets. Most of the residents in the three wards were seen in small groups discussing about the author of the leaflets.

According to one resident from Rhonda who did not want to be named said that they are now living in fear of being attacked at night.

“At the moment everyone is worried about the flyers and now we are wondering what is going to happen at night,” said the resident.

By the time of going to the press, some members of Luo community who were holding the leaflets were seeking audience with the County Commissioner Mohammed Birik. Efforts by the Star to get a comment from the County Commissioner proved futile as his phone went an answered.

“It’s regrettable that we still live in the old era where such things happened. It is unfortunate that the govt speaks of unity while some elements within the same spread hate and issue threats to other communities. We must unite as a nation to stop this. This can only be achieved through dialogue,” said ODM spokesman Phil Etale.


-The Star



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