Pastor Caught Cheating Paraded Nude In Church

pastor caught pants downA few years ago, the lakeside city of Kisumu hit newspaper headlines when a prominent pastor was caught ‘licking someone else’s honey’ and both were frog marched to authorities butt naked before a multitude of curious on-lookers.

Well, it seems that never served as a lesson to other people in the habit of sticking their hands in others’ honey jars.

Last Monday, in one village in Kisumu rural, a woman caught her pastor husband red handed in bed with a choir leader. It was revealed that all along, the young woman, in her early 20s, had a long running affair with her pastor before their proverbial 40th day finally came to pass.

On the fateful day, the pastor’s wife was scheduled to travel to her maternal home and was to be dropped by the pastor at the bus stop. But the pastor, who was to drop her, lied that he was time barred for an important pastor’s conference and, therefore, urged her to hurry up.

Unfortunately, in her haste, she forgot behind a kanga that she had bought her aging mother as a gift. Just before she boarded the bus, it hit her that she had forgotten her mother’s gift — the kanga. She, therefore, decided to make a U-turn and hopped on a boda boda back to the house to collect it.

However, when she reached home, she was taken aback because her door seemed unlocked from outside and it got her panicking, fearing crooks had broken in. Shocked and terrified, she requested the boda boda rider to stay around to protect her as she checked what was amiss, just in case it was a case of robbery.

She knocked on the door countless times with no response. Of course, the pastor had realised that it was his wife knocking, and had refused to open. She asked the boda boda man to assist her break the door.

She could not believe her eyes when, upon breaking the door, she found a woman she had always thought to be a very faithful choir member of their church in her house.

Consumed with rage, she attacked the woman and tore her clothes before she slipped from her grip and fled  off, half naked. By then, a curious crowd had already gathered to witness the drama. After a short while, the heavily built woman came out breathing fire and pulling the pastor.

Outside, the pastor found himself helpless against his wife’s rage. She vowed to teach him a lesson and reveal his rotten behaviour to the cheering crowd.

After giving him a thorough beating, the woman started dragging the husband, amid cheers from the curious onlookers and boda boda operators, towards his church. She tore his shirt and forcefully pulled down his trousers and exposed his nudity as she dragged him away.

It took the intervention of the local chief, who was on his way to the church, to rescue the pastor. A good Samaritan had to take off his shirt and cover up the man of God. As the crowd lapped up the free entertainment, some chanted and jeered, saying it should serve as a lesson to all philandering men in the area.




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