Nominated Senator Ongoro tells President Uhuru Kenyatta and Cord leader Raila Odinga to hold private dialogue to end deadlock

Nominated Senator Elizabeth Ongoro

Nominated Senator Elizabeth Ongoro

Nominated Senator Elizabeth Ongoro has urged President Uhuru Kenyatta and Cord leader Raila Odinga to ignore their henchmen and hold a one-on-one dialogue. In a move which could be seen as softening on the hardline push for a dialogue by the Cord brigade,Ongoro—a key ally of Raila—said the two leaders should lock themselves somewhere and find a solution to the myriad of challenges facing Kenyans. Describing the two as reasonable and respectable leaders of the nation, Ongoro said name-calling by both Cord and Jubilee politicians does not augur well for Kenyan and could lead to heightened political tension, similar to what was witnessed prior to the 2007/08 post-election violence.

“It is up to the two (Uhuru and Raila) to come together and talk,” Ongoro said at the Mountain of Fire Church in Jogoo Road yesterday. “They should talk and come out holding hands to show Kenyans that they are for the prosperity of this nation. I do not know why other leaders are opposed to this.” Ongoro, who has been very vocal in Cord rallies pushing for a conditional dialogue with the Jubilee administration, yesterday said Raila and Uhuru are personal friends and should face each other often or when one feels he has a pertinent national interest to be addressed.

“What is happening currently, where leaders from both coalitions are shouting at each other,is very sensitive because the people they represent are now becoming jittery,” she said Meanwhile, a Nairobi-based politician has opposed any move to hold talks, whose agenda allegedly remains unknown. Stanley Livondo said the move was likely to open up similar calls by all other leaders to engage the Presidency in petty issues. “The President needs time to work. Those seeking talks on national issues can use constitutional means to have them addressed without derailing the government’s operations,” Livondo said.

“All leaders, including former senior State officials would wish to engage the Presidency if Uhuru granted Raila such a private talk on national issues.” Livondo said the so-called dialogue should be conducted at the county level so that each group can dialogue on the issues affecting them at that level. “The current atmosphere is doing no good to the economy, investors are running away, we are losing a lot in foreign exchange, and the value of the shilling is falling daily resulting to high cost of basic commodities.” Livondo was donating food stuff and equipment to residents of Kibera for the Holy Month of Ramadhan.

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