Nini Wacera: “I have had relationships with women but, no I am not a lesbian”


Kona actress, Nini Wacera has come out and stated that she is not a lesbian. The Kenyan actress, who is 35-years-old , has been one of the most scintillating performers to grace our screens for the past decade.

Nini is also a casting director and has worked in projects such as White Maasai,Dangerous Affair and Project Daddy. The actress plays Julia Oyange, a character in an East African telenovela, kona, working alongside other Kenyan actors among them, eye candy Brenda Wairimu who plays Pamela.

In a February thrilling Drum magazine interview, the actress spoke out candidly about her sexuality, sending very mixed signals in the process.

This is what she said:

“I have had relationships with women but, no I am not a lesbian. I don’t consider myself a lesbian, heterosexual or bisexual. I am just a human being who loves other human beings and that’s it. I don’t understand this whole sex barrier thing. Why does erotic love have to be between male and female only? Why am I not allowed to fall in love with a beautiful woman?”

Do you understand what she means?




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