Nakuru nurse in the arrested for ‘attempting to rape’ patient


Baraka Nursing Home proprietor Dr Isoe Ochoki addresses the press in his office yesterday. He said he is yet to terminate services of a nurse accused of attempting to rape a patient because investigations are not complete

A male nurse attached to a private hospital in Nakuru was yesterday arraigned in court and charged with attempted rape. Macharia Ochomba is accused of attempting to rape a patient on June 17 at Baraka Nursing Home in Nakuru town. Magistrate Samuel Mungai heard that the accused allegedly injected the patient with a sleeping drug before attempting to rape her.  The patient was, however, rescued by another nurse on duty at around 2am. The complainant claimed after the injection she felt drowsy, when the accused came back to the room and removed his jacket.

He allegedly fondled her bosom and tried to put her legs apart when she woke up and confronted him. “I was admitted at the nursing home on  (June 13). During night, I was being attended to by a female nurse, but on Sunday a male nurse came in at 1am and woke me up to check how I was doing,” said the complainant.

She said she never suspected the nurse’s ill intention during his frequent visits until he injected her with the sleeping drug. “He came again on Monday 2am to check my progress and told him I was in pain.

When he injected me, I felt drowsy and took a lot of water,” she said. The nursing home’s proprietor Dr Isoe Ochoki acknowledged the incident saying an action will be taken against the nurse if found culpable. “The news came to us as a surprise because in medicine code of conduct, such malpractices are not allowed. I am sorry if that is what happened and thank the patient and her husband of reporting the matter to us,” he said.

Ochoki confirmed the accused nurse was on duty the material night but he is yet to terminate his services because investigations are not complete. Ochomba, however, denied the charges and was released on Sh200,000 bond. The case will be heard on August 12. According to the code of conduct for Kenyan nurses, they health workers are prohibited from not sexually harassing any member of the public, patient or colleague. Nurses are also required to have personal integrity and respect patient confidentiality.


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