Nairobi advocate robbed, raped in night attack

Rape victimA female advocate of the High Court was raped and her colleague robbed more than Sh1.2 million in an attack in Nairobi’s Lang’ata area.

The two were driving into the Dam Two Estate on Monday night when a gang of four attacked them, police said.

Police said the gang seemed to have been trailing the victims before they struck in the 9pm incident.

According to Nairobi County Police Commander Benson Kibue, the two are partners at a law firm in the city.

“It seems the gang was waiting or had been trailing the victims because they struck as the female one was being dropped at her residence. Efforts to find the gang are ongoing,” said Kibue.

He added that the gang struck and took control of the advocates’ Subaru Forester and drove them towards the Southern bypass.

It was then that they robbed the man of his cash, which included more than 8,000 Sterling Pounds, Sh100,000 and $50, an air ticket, ATM cards and mobile phones.

The gang then split into two groups; one remained in the victims’ car while the other drove to a nearby ATM machine where they withdrew an unknown amount of money.

-The Standard



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