Meet Wangoi Gitonga: Miss World Kenya 2013

Miss World Kenya2013

Wangoi Gitonga- Miss World Kenya 2013

Thank you. Well Wangoi is a very humble girl, God-fearing and down to earth person. Having been brought up in a humble family I have learnt to appreciate every little thing that I have. When I won the competition I just knew that this must be the greatest thing God has ever done to me and I am very grateful for the chance to experience it.

What were some of the emotions you went through when they called out your name as the winner?

It was one of the best moments of my life; It was a mixture of a lot of things that are unexplainable. I never could have imagined that at one point in my life I would be Miss Kenya especially since I was very green and have never done any modeling in my life. I remember calling my mom and she was crying on the phone. She just couldn’t believe it, either.

How did you end up in the contest?

I had taken my sister for the auditions in Mombasa and I ended up also participating. After finishing, the unfortunate or fortunate thing happened and I was chosen over my sister and the rest as they say is history. Anyway I am glad that I got to represent our family name and brought the grand prize home.

How did a tomboy end up in modeling?

I used to be a tomboy to some extent. My favourite outfit was jeans and a T-shirt with sneakers, no makeup, and hair pulled back and that was it. My brothers constantly tease me that at least I am going to learn how to sit like a girl. I can say that I am not the same person I used to be as this experience has completely changed my life and has made me more ‘girlie’.

How about the boot camp? Was there any point when you felt that you wanted to give up?

The boot camp was a nice place because I got the chance to meet these other young girls who have these amazing personalities. We got a chance to bond and help each other deal with our weaknesses. There was a time when I felt like just giving up, especially when we had to stay in high heels all day something that I was not used to  and learning how to catwalk, I realized that it was not an easy job.

Kenyans on Twitter really attacked you on your looks recently. How did you take that?

To me that’s the beauty of life, knowing that not everybody will accept you. Everyone has their own opinion and they are entitled to one. But once you know your strengths and capabilities as a person, criticism is among the things that make me even more stronger because I know I worked hard and am blessed of the Lord to be where I am.

Also the best part of it all is knowing that even when people talk ill of me, it really does not change who I am at the end of the day. And as my mother always tells me “care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner”.

One of the things you have pledged to do as Miss World Kenya is to eradicate sexual exploitation of young girls and boys. Care to explain how?

Coming from the Coast, sexual exploitation of the young is almost hitting pandemic levels. I have friends who are involved in sex tourism to get some extra cash. This ruins people’s lives making them vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases and other ills. I would try as much as possible to work with organisations and start mentorship programmes to help young individuals change their ways.

What are your future plans?

Right now, I am focused on the Miss World competitions and  I hope to make my country proud. After that I plan to further my studies on food and beverages because I love to cook, so hopefully establish a restaurant.

Any words for upcoming models?

Commitment is the key to success and putting God first in everything you do. One thing I realised was that finding favour through God is the only way you will also find favour through man.




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