Man shot dead in Nyeri ‘had fought with officer at bar

A man who was shot dead by police on Saturday night in Nyeri had been involved in a bar brawl with one of the officers three weeks before the incident.

And on Tuesday, Mr Joseph Macharia, the father of the late King’ori Kanyi, said one of the officers had warned him that they would kill his son for being ‘stubborn’.

The 30-year-old Kanyi was gunned down on March 7 at 1am by offices from Mukurwe-in Police Station in unclear circumstances.

Although the officers claimed they had gone to arrest Mr Kanyi for an assault, it has emerged that the incident was never recorded in their Occurrence Book as required.

Mr Macharia told that his son fought with the officer at a local bar over unknown reasons, and were separated by patrons.


“Since then, there had been bad blood between my son and the police officer,” he said. “One of the police officers told me on the face that they would kill my son for being stubborn”.

Mr Maina Kanyi, a brother of the deceased, on Tuesday recalled how the four officers, allegedly armed and drunk, came to their home and demanded that they produce King’ori.

The officers, he claimed, insulted the family members, called them names and threatened to shoot them all if they did not produce King’ori.

“A short while after hearing a gunshot and commotion towards the shamba, we ran towards that direction only to find King’ori in a pool of blood. The police officers had already left,” he said.


Ms Gladys Gathoni, whose husband, King’ori Kanyi, was shot by police - See more at:

Ms Gladys Gathoni, whose husband, King’ori Kanyi, was shot by police 

Nyeri County Police Commander Eunice Kihiko defended his officers, saying Mr Kanyi was shot after he attempted to attack police.

When the officers went to arrest the suspect for assault, she said, he came out armed with a panga and confronted them.

But the police chief could not explain why the deceased, whose wife said was shot at the door to their home, was later found dead in a coffee plantation in Kiriti Village.

Ms Kihiko said despite public outcry, they could not take action just yet because investigations into the matter had just started.

Once the investigations are completed, she said, they will hand over the file to Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko for further direction.

The Kanyis denied claims that King’ori was armed.


His wife, Gladys Gathoni, 24, said on the fateful Saturday night, police officers came to their home and demanded that her husband open the door.

“When we hesitated to open the door, they threatened to force themselves in. I had no choice but to plead with my husband to voluntarily open the door and that is what he did,” she said.

“The police officers who were threatening to break into the house shot my husband, and then I heard a commotion going towards the shamba,” she added.

Ms Gathoni claimed that the officer who had been involved in the brawl was present at the scene because he was the one directing his colleagues to her home.


Mob seizes body from Nyeri mortuary in protest at killing

Residents of Mukurwe-ini marched to the sub-county hospital’s mortuary and took away the body of a man who was allegedly shot by a police officer.
The incident occurred minutes after the body of Mr King’ori Kanyi, 30, had been taken to the mortuary by police officers on Saturday.

Mr Joseph Macharia said one of the three officers who came to his house told him that they would kill his son for being hardheaded.

He said his son, who was a mason, three weeks quarrelled with one of the police officers in a bar in Mukurwe-ini Town and fought before patrons separated them.

“Since that day, there had been bad blood between my son and the police officer. I want action taken against him,” he said, tears flowing down his cheeks.


Mr Macharia’s family said the three officers came to his home armed and drunk.

Mr Maina Kanyi, King’ori’s brother, said the three police officers asked them to produce him.

Before they could do so, the officers broke into his house and took him away.

A few minutes later, the family heard a gunshot.

“It was about 2am when the police officers took him away. After hearing the gunshot, we ran towards our coffee plantation, only to find King’ori lying dead in a pool of blood,” said Maina.

The family termed the incident an extra-judicial killing and now wants justice for their loved one.

Before officers took King’ori’s body from the plantation, residents blocked them, demanding to be addressed by police boss Beatrice Kimoning. Police eventually used force and took the body to Mukurwe-ini Sub-County hospital’s mortuary.

However, the villagers and relatives of the dead man later stormed the mortuary and took out the body. They wanted to dump it at the police station.

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