Man hospitalised in Kisumu after attackers skin his private parts

painA man is admitted at a hospital in Kisumu County after four men peeled off skin on his private parts.

Mark Odoyo was on his way to work on Sunday morning when he was attacked and left in critical condition.

Nyakach OCPD Dismus Wanjala said those who assaulted the victim were at a funeral meeting and they attacked him when he passed next to the bereaved homestead. They questioned why he was walking very early in the morning.

“They suspected he was a thief who had been stealing their funeral chairs, yet his family says he was on his way to work,” Wanjala said.

His sister Millicent Akoth said she got a call informing him that her brother was beaten and his scrotum skinned at Kajimbo-Rachier village in Nyakach.

The caller informed her that four known people, residents within the village, were beating her brother Mark Odoyo.

Akoth rushed to the scene and found his brother being assaulted.

One of the men hurled stones at villagers who came to his rescue

“One of the men had a knife and my brother was bleeding profusely at the time,” she said.

The victim was rushed to Nyadero Nursing Home.

Bolo location chief Oginga said they were waiting for the hospital to fill the P3 forms before making arrests.

-The Standard



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