Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua strips his deputy Bernard Kiala of county executive role

wpid-kiala180814.jpegMachakos Governor Alfred Mutua Monday stripped his deputy Bernard Kiala of ministerial responsibilities, a move seen to intensify the war between the two.

Speaking to the press shortly after meeting delegates from Masinga and Yatta sub counties (where Kiala comes from), the governor announced the appointment of Nairobi-based lawyer Boniface Kabaka to a new docket of legal and strategic adviser to the governor.

The governor said he was forced to strip off his deputy the responsibilities because he had totally failed to perform and instead spent most of his time politicking.

The deputy governor’s docket of Public Service, Labor and ICT was given to minister for Agriculture and Livestock Larry Wambua.

In his first speech after the senate saved kiala from ipmeachment, Mutua said he would retain Kiala as deputy governor with no duty because he had proved to be worthless in his responsibilities.

“I decided to take this measures to save taxpayer’s money from being withdrawn for no service delivered by the deputy governor,” said Mutua amid cheers from the delegates.

“How can some body be earning more than half a million shillings from the taxpayer yet he’s not performing” asked Mutua.

He accused the deputy of not being tired of politicking even after he was pardoned by the senate.

”Instead of him coming to me and apologise and resolve to work together, he went round issueing outbursts bent to divide the Machakos county community” added the governor.

He however, said no amount of intrigues by the deputy governor would ever stop him from his Maendeleo chap chap initiative.

”Since he has shown to have much more interest in politicking than working for the people of Machakos, I have decided to relief him off the burden and set him free to continue with his politics,” he said.

The governor however, said he would be assigning Kiala some duties if need be and when he actually proves he’s ready to work.
He took issue with Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka for having failed to contain those political characters who have been pulling him down.

”I have been always pleading with the party boss who I respect very much to talk to Kiala to abandone politicking and work invain,” he said.

On Sunday while at Misyani Catholic Church, the deputy governor vowed to push for the transparency agenda, insisting that he will not be silenced and allow things go wrong.

Kiala could not be reached to react over the new development.

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