LG Launches Mosquito-Repelling Air Conditioner in Kenya

LGs new mosquito Awaycombating air conditioner

LGs new mosquito Away combating air conditioner

LG Electronics (LGE) has today launched its latest residential air conditioner model, the Mosquito Away, in the Kenyan market. Specifically designed for the local market, the product incorporates an impressive function that uses ultrasonic waves to combat mosquitoes.

“We believe that our new Mosquito Away air conditioner can provide true comfort to Kenya consumers,” said Mr. Joseph Kim, Managing Director of LG Electronics East Africa. “The challenge of designing a product able to provide an effective, non-toxic way of dealing with mosquitoes was one we were only too happy to meet. With ultrasonic wave technology, impressive cooling performance and low-voltage operability, we are confident that the Mosquito Away air conditioner will meet the needs of the Kenyan market,” he added.

The air conditioner emits ultrasonic waves that disrupt the mosquito’s sensory cells and cause paralysis, confusion and often death. This clever technology is completely harmless to humans and represents a clean, safe alternative to dangerous chemical-based insecticides and repellants. By pressing the “Mosquito Away button” on the AC’s remote control, a speaker within the air conditioner is activated that produces inaudible ultrasonic waves at a frequency of 30 kHz to 100 kHz that repel mosquitoes.

Conveniently, the air conditioner’s Mosquito Away function can be turned on independently of cooling; helping to prevent unnecessary energy usage. When strong cooling is required, the Jet Cool function and the product’s large, efficient fan deliver an increased volume of airflow.

To prove its effectiveness, the new AC unit has undergone testing in a World Health Organization (WHO) standard 1.9 m3 Peet-Grady Chamber. As its name suggests, the Mosquito Away is designed to aid Kenya in the fight against mosquitoes.

In Peety Grady Chamber tests, the Mosquito Away proved its effectiveness by repelling 76 percent of female Anopheles mosquitoes within 24 hours based on testing was done at the Muhimbili University, Tanzania. Testing was also conducted at Ibadan University, Nigeria and University of Khartoum, Sudan.

Mr. Kim explained that “while developing this product, LG considered Kenya with the other Eastern African countries as one of the first countries where the Mosquito Away feature would be highly relevant.” Data from the Kenya Medical Research Institute shows that 25 million people out of Kenya’s current population are at risk of malaria. The disease accounts for 30-50% of all outpatient attendance and 20% of all admissions to health facilities.

Also research from the Ministry of Health indicates that malaria is also estimated to cause 20% of all deaths in children under five. “The Mosquito Away comes with all the advantages of LG’s advanced air conditioning technologies, such as powerful cooling and dependable operation in extreme temperatures,” Kim added. Due to the weak source of the local power grid in some areas in Kenya, LG has implemented the Low Voltage Starter (LVS). This practical feature enables the Mosquito Away to operate continuously, even at lower voltages.

The new AC unit will be available in Hotpoint show rooms in Sarit center, Nairobi and Likoni, Mombasa from 21st of January.




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