It has been said that the most successful people go through the most strenuous training and endure the greatest pain. This could not be further from the truth for one Dr. Alfred Mutua; Governor, Machakos County. Last year when he announced his resignation to run for the Governorship of Machakos every Mwende, Okoth and Chebet had something to say about it. Many thought it was another misplaced ambition but a few believed he had something to offer. However, by March this year, it was evident that Dr. Alfred Mutua was the people’s choice. He won with a landslide and the petition against his election was also dismissed.

Dr. Mutua took office and immediately announced that he was going to build a new Machakos city, “The Place to Be” He begun by organizing an investment forum where over 56 billion was raised in direct investment by companies and organizations. What was an idea has now developed into a concept of “New Machokos City and Investment Program” to be launched by His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta on 6th November 2013 at the new city site in Machakos. The new city idea is symbolic of the a new lease of life for the people of Machakos which was the first capital city of Kenya before the colonial administration moved it to Nairobi.

During his 10 year tenure as the government spokesman people loved to hate Dr. Mutua because he never lacked words or the courage to defend the Kibaki administration. Even at the height of coalition confusion, he stood firm to state and defend the governments position in the face of vicious opposition from his critics. Unknown to many, the lessons learnt then would be instrumental in the management of the Machakos County Government. Dr. Mutua has cut out an image of a courageous and leader with a clear vision of Machakos. His actions and programs are well organized and executed with admirable precision making his short gubernatorial reign an envy of many.

In the last six months Dr. Mutua has established programs to develop and create wealth for the county through engagement and involvement of influential personalities and professionals in the management of county affairs. Through the various boards, he has set a clear agenda for the various teams on what they need to achieve. This approach allows him the liberty to create greater ideas and time to supervise the performance of his teams. Notably, Dr. Mutua has maintained a global perspective by hosting local and international delegations including heads of missions to Kenya in a view to create a city that will serve the world. In the same vein, he has sent out officers of the County Government to various cities across the world to see how things work.

Without a doubt, going forward, Machakos is going to be the place to be; the first of Kenya’s cities of the future.




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