Lands Commission sets camp at Machakos City


The National Land Commission (NLC) has kicked off the processing of titles for investors in the 2,200 acre Machakos investment zone which was launched last week by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Commission’s chairman Mohammed Swazuri told Capital FM News that the planning, survey and allocation of various parcels within the land will take about two and a half weeks and will set the pace for investments in the new Machakos City project.

There had been controversy surrounding the land when Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Felix Koskei accused Governor Alfred Mutua of grabbing the land demarcated for the investment zone from the veterinary department but Swazuri dismissed the claims.

“The claims of there being a controversy are totally not true. These are two different parcels of land and thus, there should be no mix up of issues,” he said.

He stated that the land where the investment zone is situated is different from the one set aside for the veterinary department.

High Court judge Weldon Korir ruled that Muthama had gone to court at the 11th hour when he knew the launch was set for November 8.

President Uhuru Kenyatta launched the project which is located just outside Machakos town that will be used for construction of a media city, industrial centres as well as residential estates.


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