[VIDEO]Kirima feud ends as court allocates family property

kirimaA three-year court battle over ownership of the late Gerishon Kirima’s property has been finally been resolved.

On Wednesday, the businessman’s wealth was distributed among family members that had been named as beneficiaries.

“I am happy that we have finally made headway in distributing the property of the late Kirima. I want to believe that he can now rest in peace.

“Teresia Wairimu (widow) and Anne Kirima (daughter) shall be the co-administrators of the estate and shall move with haste and conclude distribution of the estate,” Justice Isaac Lenaola said.


Court proceedings were cut short several times to allow for dialogue and consultations.

Senior counsel Fred Ojiambo, representing Ms Anne Kirima and Mr James Njuguna Kirima, said several meetings were held by the family and “members agreed to record consent on the manner to distribute the properties left by the late Kirima.”

Ms Teresiah Wairimu through lawyer Musalia Mwenesi proposed that Mr Njuguna be included in the list of co-administrators but the court declined the request.


The judge said the family had reached a consensus and Mr Njuguna could attend the meetings of distribution of property if he so wishes.

Another recipient, Ms Grace Warwathia, was added as a beneficiary to the extent that a reasonable provision to cater for her living expenses abroad would be made.

The court also ordered that Njiru and Kariobangi properties be sub-divided and distributed equally among all the 15 beneficiaries.

An unclaimed 20-acre property in Kisaju, Kajiado is also to be distributed as the remaining 14 acres, occupied by squatters and with a pending court case, will be shared once the matter is resolved.

The late Mr Kirima’s children were also given a Sh2 million grant each.


A list of properties that had expired leases is to be compiled and extended at the cost paid by the estate.

The fifteen beneficiaries were also awarded a Christmas bonus of Sh500,000 each for this year.

Battles over the massive estate saw public confrontations among family members, however after the ruling, Ms Anne Kirima said:

“We are happy that our case took less time than we expected. Some (cases) have spilled to over 35 years. We thank the court and we want to tell the Kenyans that the Kirima family will not fight again.”

The case will be mentioned on December 11 to monitor progress made by the two administrators Ms Wairimu and Ms Anne Kirima on gathering estate assets, liabilities and capital.



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