Kimemia’s driver in carjacking gun drama that has baffled police


Secretary to the Cabinet Francis Kimemia’s driver was wounded in a shooting incident in Nairobi.

The driver, who was treated and discharged from hospital, was injured as he jumped out of a moving car and  engaged a gang that had carjacked him at Pangani.

The gang had driven with the driver into Kimemia’s compound in Kileleshwa. And as they made a turn in the compound ready to force their way into Kimemia’s house, police officers opened fire at the car damaging it before the gang of three sped out with the driver still on board.

Kimemia refused to comment on the issue yesterday.

According to the police, the driver had just dropped Kimemia in Kileleshwa and later drove his colleague to Pangani where he lives.

And as he was reversing in Pangani, a car hit the vehicle from behind. This forced the driver to alight and establish the nature of the damage that had been inflicted on Kimemia’s car.

As he checked, gunmen struck and told him to surrender before they forced their way into the car and later bundled him into the boot.

The driver told police the gang robbed him of undisclosed amount of money and other valuables.

He reportedly told the gang he is a businessman in the city and he lived in Kileleshwa. It was then that they decided to go with him to Kileleshwa where they intended to take more valuables. The driver told police he directed the gang into Kimemia’s compound where they were ushered in by armed police officers.

It was after they drove in that gunfire ensured. The car, which was damaged by bullets, was yesterday parked at Muthangari Police Station, where senior officers visited.

Nairobi County CID boss Nicholas Kamwende said they are investigating all versions of story.

“There are many missing links that we are trying to fill as part of our investigations into the shooting,” said Kamwende. The driver managed to jump out of the car as it sped off from the compound amid gunfire. The officers who were involved in the shooting said they feared shooting the driver and that is why they did not inflict maximum damage on the car.”

-The Standard



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