Kidero suspends 9 council staff over extortion caught on camera[VIDEO]

Bweta La Uhalifu: Serikali Tamba

Nairobi governor Evans Kidero made changes at the City Inspectorate Department yesterday. Kidero suspended three supervisors and six askaris after they were caught on K24 last week allegedly harassing and extorting money from residents.

Sources said the department’s head Hillary Wambugu may also be suspended. In letters seen by the Star, Kidero has suspended supervisors Alfred Sifuna, Amos Labilo and David Kimani. He has also suspended Rodgers Atira, Stephen Mule, Joseph Areri, Peterson Karianjahi and Reuben Mureu who were caught on camera.

Wambugu is said to have taken Kidero on a wild goose chase when he was asked to present the names of the alleged askaris, telling the governor that he was still investigating them. But it has emerged that he was hiding the identity of some of them for protection.

The governor held a closed door early morning meeting yesterday with the inspectors and commanders from the department, where he warned them to change their attitude while dealing with city residents.

A source told the Star that Kidero asked them to be ‘’courteous and friendly while handling members of the public.” “Kidero was very shocked when the officers were introducing themselves and their areas of operation as all of them said they were enforcing the council by-laws and none said he was serving the public,” said the source.

He added that Kidero told the officers that their primary objective was to educate the public on by-laws as punishment was not the answer to make people obey them.

The governor is also said to have told them that the archaic by-laws will be reviewed in due course and that they have to change their attitude towards residents.

Kidero is said to have told the officeers that the law on “loitering and preparing to commit a felony” was used by the colonial government to intimidate Africans so that they do not set foot in the city centre.

The governor also warned them to always keep in mind that service to residents should be a priority as the department transforms into a Metropolitan Police. Kidero has also written to the Director of Investigations Bernard Mate, to probe the officer who was caught on camera with a gun harassing residents.

-The Star



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