Kenyans Farming in Boston region

Uncle Willy (Left) and Njenga (Right) at a farm in Boston region

Uncle Willy (Left) and Njenga (Right) at a farm in Boston region

Ask many Kenyans where the meat comes from they will likely reply, “From the grocery store.” This is not the case with Uncle Willy who has never lost the desire to be close to the earth, the source of all production. Indeed, Uncle Willy, summer involves working with the earth to produce maize that as the summer ends will become the celebration of another great summer as Kenyans in Boston region enjoy, Githeri (mixed maize and beans) and boiled maize that was a common food back in Kenya.

Uncle Willy passion of farming has led him to work with many farm owners in Boston region. The farms range from cows, goats and sheep farms to crop farms. His passion saw the establishment of a roast meat eating place in one of the farms that Kenyans came together every Saturday to enjoy themselves.

Touring one of the farms Uncle Willy excited shows us the cattle and one is easily taken back to farming in Kenya. It is great to see someone put time and resources to work the earth even when in the Diaspora so as to produce the food that we consume daily.

“The maize is growing,” said Uncle Willy as he referenced maize he organizes to be planted after the end of winter so as to be harvested at the end of summer. The maize he plants tastes very close to the maize that was produced in Kenya and sold in Nairobi and surrounding areas.

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