[VIDEO] kenyan woman ordered to pay for husband’s upkeep for abandoning him and their kids

A woman has been ordered to pay Sh3,000 every month for the upkeep of her husband and their children.

Ms Roselyne Muyonga, who is accused of abandoning her husband Vincent Onyango and their two children, risks a five-year jail term or a Sh200,000 fine if she fails to pay the monthly upkeep.

CaptureKakamega County Children’s Officer Dishon Otuko said the woman neglected her responsibility of looking after the children after separating from her husband.

“Men have been suffering whenever women decide to abandon them with children. We think it is important to hold such women responsible to ensure they also play a role in upkeep of their children as required by law,” Mr Otuko ordered.

Already, some lobby groups are pushing for the amendment of the Children’s Act to compel women to contribute for the upkeep of their children after they separate from their husbands.

“We are sure it is the right direction to go because  a couple cannot separate and leave one of them to bear the brunt of the marriage break-up,” Mr Otuko said.

According to the children’s officer, cases of women abandoning their husbands and children have increased in Kakamega County.

“It clearly shows that social norms and beliefs have been thrown to the dogs and families continue to disintegrate at lightning speed,” he noted.

The man, who works as a casual labourer, reported the matter to the children’s offices last week.




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