Kenyan Promoter Based in Dubai Severely Beaten Up By Fellow Kenyans (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE)

Kenyan promoter based in Dubai, Hassan Waziri

Kenyan promoter based in Dubai, Hassan Waziri

Last evening, we told you of how Ukoo Flani rapper, Cannibal, is allegedly detained at a Dubai hotel after failing to pay up his bills. His woes, according to sources were all caused by controversial Kenyan promoter based in Dubai, Hassan Waziri.

Though Waziri distanced himself from the allegations, this morning we’ve woken up to terrifying news that the promoter has been attacked by fellow Kenyans who felt he had given Cannibal the short end of the stick.

Waziri was severely beaten leaving him wounded and bleeding from the nose and mouth; and his clothes torn as a result.

In a rejoinder, Waziri said, “Why attack me? If an artist has a failed show, how is it my making? I have done over 89% successful shows in the last decade in UAE. Am I your competition? This is not how you fight me out of the market.”

It’s alleged that his attackers were a rival group of promoters who want to take control of events promotion in UAE.

This is not the first time that Waziri has found himself on the wrong side of artists as last year August, Collo accused him of conning him during his show in Dubai, claims that Waziri vehemently denied. He had also previously been accused by MOG of non-committal about their contract.

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